The Process:)

You want a Fluffy Puppy…

Here’s how to get on the list:)

Complete and submit our puppy application. We will review your application and respond within 3 business days:)

Once we get back with you (because we know you’ll make an amazing dog-parent:) You will be provided instructions on how to make your deposit. Deposits on puppies are $350 which holds your spot on the puppy selection list and is deducted from the price of your puppy. *Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to postpone getting a puppy… No problem! We will hold your deposit for up to 2 years or transfer you to the next litter. Please just let us know:)

Once deposit is made you will be put on our puppy waitlist and puppy selections will be made in order of deposits received.

So You are Waiting on the List…

Now what???

Mother nature participates in all planned breedings! As a result some expected litters don’t go as planned. MightyDoods reserves the right to use a different stud to improve quality of the litter or to replace an upcoming litter with a different pairing due to mother nature and its timing.

We will notify waitlists when the Doods go on their Honeymoon;) They are pregnant for 60-65 days. Confirming pregnancy at 28 days through ultrasound. We do an x-ray at 54-58 days to get a good idea of the number of puppies will be in the litter. During pregnancy we utilize massage to make mommas feel relaxed and calm. Helping them feel as comfortable and peaceful as possible as we can. We feel even in the womb the puppies are forming their little personalities.

Once puppies are whelped we will post pictures of puppies and contact waitlist families through email to give out super important dates such as puppy selection day and puppy pick up day!

Puppies will start Puppy Culture, which is an amazing program which helps shape the puppy’s future creating a well rounded and great companion for you. You can learn more here. Please keep in mind that your puppy’s first couple of months of how they are cared for is very important to each family getting a great dog:) We utilize Puppy Culture throughout the whole 8 weeks they are with us. We start them on positive clicker training at 5 weeks. They are also introduced to potty training, crate training, leash walking, sitting for attention, and are exposed to a multitude of different sights, sounds, and smells. While an 8 week old puppy isn’t capable of being fully trained we do our best to start them off right to help make the transition into their forever home easier for them and their new families. Our goal is to send you home with a well rounded confident puppy that has an eager to please attitude.

Puppies are Here…

You Want Pictures NOW:):)

We know…we want to include you in on everything!! I know sometimes even a day without a new picture feels like forever!! We will keep you updated on pictures through our Instagram page throughout the eight weeks. We will also send out weekly emails describing in detail all of the things the puppies are learning and how their little personalities are growing. We will also post videos every Mighty Movie Monday’s so you can see how each puppy is growing and interacting:) We know that the minute they are born there is a connection building and we want to help nurture that in all ways possible:) You are important to us Too:):)

At 6 weeks they will see our local Vet for exams and their vaccinations. Puppies will be started on Nu-Vet multi vitamins at this age also.

Puppies will go to Positive Pets Dog Training Center at 7 weeks of age for aptitude testing which is a helpful tried and true test that will help in identifying the personality and job traits of that puppy. The entire purpose is to select the right puppy for your home:)

After aptitude testing is done we will have Puppy Selections:):):) With our help via facetime or in person in our home you will be able to pick the perfect puppy for you and your family:) *Breeder reserves the right to have pick of any litter.

Every puppy from MightyDoods comes with a binding contract. We do everything in our power to ensure our puppies go to great homes! This contract emphasizes two main points: –If at any point you need to relinquish your dog, you will relinquish him/her back to us -Every puppy will be sold on a spay/neuter agreement (unless special breeding arrangements are made)

Balance Due in full by 7 Weeks of age and puppies will not go home until contract is signed and balance due is paid.

Shipping is available. Please contact for fee and more information:)

Puppies will be available for pick up at 8 weeks of age. We will not let a puppy leave before the 8 week point as we believe this time with momma is crucial in the socialization and manners of this puppy:)

Life with a Puppy Begins…

What We Send You Home With:)

We will include a handy puppy package of goodies that will come in handy with your new puppy… Including all of these and more:):)

  • Small bag of the food your puppy has been eating
  • Sample of Nu-Vet vitamins
  • Tru-Panion Pet Insurance 30 day Offer
  • Blankie with Mommas scent on it
  • Toys
  • Collar with MightyDoods tag
  • Snuggle Puppy with heartbeat and heat pack
  • 1 Year genetic health guarantee (2 Year with NuVet)
  • Complete exam by a licensed vet who also administers 1st vaccines
  • Microchipping
  • Unlimited support from us:)

When you get a puppy from us you are joining our puppy family and community of other puppy owners. We are committed to providing a lifetime of support to our families! We are here to answer questions, offer advice and training tips and anything else we can do to help ensure the success of our puppies in your home. There is nothing we love more than receiving updates on our puppies:):)!!

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