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Why You’re Here:):)

MightyDoods is located in Idaho and is dedicated to breeding healthy puppies with amazing temperaments and don’t forget looks:):) We are very intentional in the way we raise and train our puppies utilizing Puppy Culture, socialization and desensitization, and positive clicker training as a big part of the sound temperaments in our puppies. Which is how we create perfect family companion dogs!

Because We Only Offer the Best!

We are a small in home breeder (Not a Kennel) and pride ourselves on offering multi-generational Goldendoodles. We love us some doodles!! The poodle cross makes for a more intelligent dog, great low to no shedding coat quality, and allergy friendly companion. We always joke that they are Human Dogs! Their personality is just the greatest:)

Where are our Puppies?

Filling the Map One Special Delivery at a time:)

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