Meet the CrOO…

Nash is a F1b Mini-Medium dark red apricot Goldendoodle. He has amazing Champion bloodlines on his fathers side. He is 35lbs of goofy:) He is such a lover and will cuddle for hours. He is very confident and has been doing great at his agility work. He is CGC certified and starting on some Agility work. He loves to be around kids and family and is great with other dogs. He has the funniest personality and quirks as one of them being he has chosen the bathtub as his bed:):) lol
He has a non-shedding curly coat with a nice box build. Genetic Health testing cleared.
Ivy Mae is a F1b Mini dark red apricot Goldendoodle. She comes from a long line of health tested parents and has English bloodlines on her mothers side. She is 25lbs . She is the momma and protector of the group. She has the sweetest personality and is always aiming to please. I am never alone with her by my side laying at my feet where ever I go. She is amazing with kids and loves to run and play. She is CGC certified and is getting ready for her Therapy testing in December. She has a non-shedding curly coat and has been cleared of all Genetic Health testing.
Byrdie is a F1B 7th generation Parti-Factored Mini Goldendoodle. She comes from a long line of health tested parents. Her momma is a working service dog and her father is a Parti-doodle. She is a beautiful wavy cream color and has Parti markings on her feet with white patches on her tummy and feet. She is 25lbs with a nice box build and short legs. She is my husbands follower:) She has a very sweet laid back personality. She loves food!! Her nose is always going and has started on scent detection work. She loves kids and is the first to greet you at the door with a smile. She is working on being CGC certified and is going for her Therapy testing in April. She has a non shedding wavy coat and cleared for all Genetic Health testing.
Lottie is a F1B Standard Parti Goldendoodle. She comes from a long line of health tested parents. Right now she is a whopping 50lbs:):) She is really the sweetest little giant giraffe around! She loves kids and playing with the other dogs. She loves to cuddle and has this funny thing she does where she puts her nose completely up to your chest or skin and just breathes. She just has to be that close while cuddling LOL;) She has been doing some training and starts her advanced puppy class soon:) She has a wavy non shedding parti (brown and white) coat and will be Genetic Health tested before breeding:) We are super excited to see the colors she shall bring:)
Poppy is a Multigenerational Mini Goldendoodle from Nash and Ivy’s litter. She is in a guardian home and will be a future Mighty Mama:) She has such a sweet personality and is amazing with kids. She certainly loves her guardian dad and will always be found at his side:) She has the perfect non shedding curly wavy coat and looks just like a teddy bear! Her aptitude testing showed therapy and service qualities. She will be such a joy to watch and grow!!! Will be genetically tested before breeding. Expected puppies 2021!!
Ginger is an 8th generation Parti-Factored Multigenerational Mini Goldendoodle from Nash and Byrdie’s litter. She lives with her Guardian Mama and sister Lucy:) She will be an amazing future Mighty Mama:) Her Guardian Mama owns a daycare where Ginger is at her side daily:) She gets lots of socialization and has the best little personality:) She has a great light Apricot coloring with a non shedding curly wavy coat. We are so excited as we get to see her on a weekly basis and can’t wait to watch her grow:) Will be genetically tested before breeding. Expected Puppies 2021!!
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