About Us:)

Meet the Yagues Family:)

We would love to tell you more about ourselves and what kind of environment your future puppy is raised in!:) We are a big loving, homeschooling family with 6 beautiful little ones:) Our animals are never left alone with all that goes on here:) LOL Our kids have grown up with a great love and respect for animals and are a great part in the socialization of your future puppy. We live in the little town of Mountain Home, Idaho just outside of Boise where we own a Gymnastics gym where our Doods make appearances often and get loved on by many kids and adults:) We have a great love for our Doods as they are a huge part of our family and we are consistently training and growing their talents:) We believe every dog behaves better and has more confidence with a job:) As Ivy and Byrdie are getting ready for Therapy testing, Byrdie is working on scent detection and Nash is having fun with Agility work:) As a breeder we are dedicated to raising and training the best little Goldendoodles available today! We hold ourselves at a very high standard and pour our whole hearts into it:) This is something we take very seriously! We are passionate about responsible breeding, the raising and training of puppies, and educating and preparing our puppy families. We want to make sure all of our puppies are placed in the most loving and nurturing environments they can be:) We also focus on a natural, organic lifestyle that has helped in the selection of the best food for the dogs and the most natural and least invasive medical treatments. We incorporate Nu-Vet multi vitamins into each dogs diet and start puppies on them at 6 weeks of age. We have a strong Love for the health and temperaments of each of our dogs and their puppies and feel diet and nutrition play a huge roll in keeping them happy and healthy:) We invest so much into the lives of our puppies before they are born until the time they go home to their forever homes and are always here for the lifetime of the puppy for help and support:) If you have any questions or would like to know more we are always here for our puppy families and want everyone to fall in love with our doodles as much as we have:)

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